Weekly Weigh-In: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

My weekly weigh-in

Last week was not a banner week. I work from home and, with several projects all vying for the same deadline, I didn’t get up and move as much as I should have (read: hardly at all). Some less than stellar food choices (damn Keebler elves and your Fudge Stripe cookies) and dropping the ball on my daily water consumption didn’t help either.

Still, when I started Fat Chick Blogging, I promised myself that I would be honest about my progress (or lack thereof) regardless. So here goes. My weight as of this morning is…

Weekly weigh-in for 8/10/2015

422 lbs even. Not my best loss, but still a loss!

422 lbs. Four hundred twenty-two pounds. Not great, but at least the scale is still moving in the right direction :)

Always remember (and this is something I have to keep telling myself all the time) that every week isn’t going to be a “woohoo!” week. Maybe you hit a plateau or maybe it’s that time of the month. Or hell, maybe you decided that you absolutely had to have those damn Fudge Stripe cookies. Regardless of why, don’t let it derail you. That number on the scale? At the end of the day it’s just a number. It doesn’t measure how good we are or how worthy of love and respect we are. Don’t let it psych you out.

See you all next week! XOXOXO

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