Weekly Weigh-In: Lighter & Less Waterlogged

My weekly weigh-in

Last week wasn’t too bad. I re-tweaked my knee a little but other than that, no new injuries to report so that is a good thing :) The edema in my legs and feet is going down but the skin around my lower calves and ankles is kinda funky. Probably diabetes-related. I’ll have to remember to talk to my doctor about it later this month.

Now, without further ado it’s scale-steppin’ time! And my weight as of this morning is…

My Weekly Weigh-In for 8/3/2015

422.4 lbs – that’s 3.4 lbs less than last week! Go me!

Not too shabby. 422.4 lbs. Four hundred twenty-two POINT four pounds. That’s almost 3 1/2 lbs less than last week’s weigh-in!

This week I’ll do my very best to stay on track with the water, not eating foods that I know are bad for me, and trying to move a little more everyday.

Raise a glass (of water!) to my continuing health and downward progress!

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