A Traitor to the Fat Sisterhood?

A Traitor to the Fat Sisterhood?

Did you know that you can’t be pro fat acceptance AND try to lose weight at the same time? Me neither. I am so grateful to the ladies who emailed me and brought it to my attention that wanting to lose weight means that I am ashamed of my fatness and am really just perpetuating the idea that fat shaming is okay. Thanks for letting me know before I did something really egregious like try to get my blood sugar under control or lower my blood pressure or – I don’t know – not die.

We all know that fat shaming happens. It’s mean and damaging and discriminatory and it just plain sucks. Nobody should be made to feel that they are less welcome, less included, less worthy of respect and basic dignity than any other occupants on this floating space rock. Being fat does not make us disgusting. It does not make us undesirable. It does not make us stupid. It can, for some folks, go hand in hand with other health problems though.

The education that I received, that I MUST embrace my fatness, that I MUST see it as a positive condition, that wanting to lose weight is a BAD thing, is just as damaging as fat shaming in my book. 

For the record, I don’t want to be thin. I want to get healthy. Getting my diabetes and my blood pressure under control, being able to move without pain – those are my goals. I don’t care if I lose a single ounce as long as I am healthy. On the other hand, if losing weight is a side effect of getting healthy, I can live with that too.

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